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What Documents are required before you get started with ecommerce?

Hey, we are excited to know that you want to start your entreprenueral jorney and are figuring out which documents you need to have in place before you get started.

First and foremost, you need to identify Place of Business. This can be your residence or office (if you alreday have one). Once this sorted and finalised, you can get started with documents that you need to apply for.

First and Most Imp Document is GST Certificate. You can apply for this on

If you want to start as an Individual or Propriotorship business, then most likely you already have other two documnts ie., PAN Card and Bank Account. If not, apply for these aswell. Do note that if you set up Partnership or LLP or Pvt Ltd company, then you need to apply for PAN and Bank account in the name of company you set up.

Can you use a Savings account? hmm .. Check out the video and you will find out.

Documents required before you start ecommerce

Lastly, we also suggest you to apply for IEC (not important but desirable), as for long term competitiveness its very important to set up private labls that you may want to import.

With these 4 documents in hand, you are ready to start your ecommerce journey.

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