Amazon Flipkart Online Selling

5 Mistakes not to make when Selling on Amazon, Flipkart, and similar Marketplaces

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, the opportunities on platforms like Amazon and Flipkart are immense. Yet, navigating these marketplaces requires adept handling to sidestep common mistakes that can impede success.

Amazon Flipkart Marketplace Online Selling

7 Ways to increase sales on eCommerce Marketplace like Amazon, Flipkart?

If you joined Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal or any marketplace and are interested in growing your sales, here as some ways/tips for you to boost your sales. 1. Advertise your products Shortlist your winning products Run a adv campaign for those products Also participate in special promotions that the marketplace may be running 2. Better Cataloguing […]

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5 major pain points sellers face with Flipkart Advertising

The advertising Module on Flipkart is pretty basic. It allows you to set up a campaign but gives very few tools to optimize campaigns. Here-in we discuss the top 5 drawbacks of Flipkart advertising. Minimum Campaign Value To start an ad one needs to create a campaign with at least 1000 rupees. It’s not possible […]