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How to get your first Amazon Order?

Once you created your Amazon Account, and listed few products we know you are keen to get your first order.

How to get your first Amazon Order?

Fact is its quite difficult to get the first order, but the fact is that you can get your first order within few days of listing. What the hell is both true. Well, its not easy to get a quick order on a new Amazon store unless you have a unique offering. But with Amazon Advertising you can put your product on top of products and get seen by shoppers, and that should result in your first order.

So, the first thing you should do after listing, is to set up a small marketing campaign. Amazon India allows you to start a campaign with just Rs 50 a day budget. So, we advise you to set up an automatic campaign for your product.

With an automatic campaign, you get three benefits.

FIRST, you can set up a marketing campaign without much knowledge of Amazon advertising.

Second, it places you on course to get your first order.

Third, you can use the advertising reports of the campaign to check which keywords are used by shoppers and their click through rate, bid rate etc. With this info, you can later on optimise your campaign and set up manual campaign for your products. More about Amazon Advertising in later blogs.

So, just spend few hundred rupees and you will get your first order. Believe me, this will surely work.

In normal course, we expect you to spend about 20 – 40% of your product price on advertising. So, as long as your product price is appropriate you will very well get your first order soon and hopeful profitable order.

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